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After reading about how Jai of The Fat and Skinny on Fashion scored 15 record albums at a great price on "I <3 Thrifting" Day, it reminded me that I need to get into serious planning mode for my son's 3rd birthday. His birthday is in March. Why am I planning so early? Because that's what I do. I don't like to wait and leave things to last minute. I feel scrambled. Plus, the earlier I start, the longer I have to find exactly what I need. This year (technically, next year) we are going with a music themed birthday party. My son loves music. Put any song on and he will start breaking it down! .

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I might keep it classic with black and white records or I may take it colorful. I still have a lot of things left over from his first birthday (Carnival/Circus theme. Very colorful) and I always like to use what I already have so....color may be the winner.

The decor will be records. LOTS OF THEM! Record cake stand, record table runner, record mobile, record place get the point! I also love the colorful swirl straws I have seen lately and I think adding labels to them would be so cute!

Pretzel rods found here.

I am going to keep the food simple this year: chicken fingers, burgers, fries....

But I will make sure some things are "music themed"

How can you have a music themed party and not play Musical Chairs?!?! Well, I guess you can but it just wouldn't be right! It will be pretty interesting to see how well three year olds listen to instructions. I saw a DIY Musical Instrument Tutorial on Skip to My Lou a few weeks ago and thought this would be the perfect activity for a child's birthday party. Once the instruments are completed, the little ones can have in impromptu "concert!"

Planning is almost complete. Now it's time to gather materials. Off to thrift stores and Craigslist to find records......

Unless otherwise noted, all images via Pinterest.

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