Gather and Craft does Crafty Feast

Yesterday was Crafty Feast. This was my second time there with Gather and Craft. My anxiety started to get the best of me and I started to freak when I notice the day was coming closer. The craft for the day was going to be embroidering gift tags.


Handmade for the Holidays

If I'm not able to personally make a gift for someone, I prefer to buy from a small, handmade business:

No One Alike - Marbled silk scarves, prints, clutches, leather bags, knives, cutting boards, etc. this father/daughter duo are crazy talented and as the name says, no one item is alike.

Hippy Do-Da Creations  - Jewelry is the one thing I could never conquer. It's just not for me. Fortunately, I have met some amazing Jewelry Makers (including the person who organized this blog hop!). I own several pieces from Chrissy. 

Sometimes I have to look at her timeline with one eye closed and the other one squinted because I will want everything! 

Once you have your gift, you will need to place them in a pretty package. A few months ago I made some baby items for a friend that was expecting and realized I didn't have a gift box. So, like most, I headed to Pinterest to look for a tutorial. 


Another item I like to give a part of a gift is  a sweet treat. 

Gingerbread caramel is my obsession for this holiday. 


In case you missed any of the other participants:

Continue to support handmade businesses by following Columbia’s Etsy Market Team on Facebook where you’ll stay in the loop with upcoming events and all things crafty in Columbia.


Handmade for the Holidays Blog Hop!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I can start to think about Christmas. This last month is going to be busy yet exciting. One of the exciting parts in participating in a blog hop with other local Columbia Bloggers.

Here’s how it will work:
Each day one blogger will share with you links to some of her favorite handmade gift tutorials. In addition, we’ll also share with you some handmade shops we’re looking forward to supporting (hello, gift ideas!) and some local craft fairs and other events where you can support local artisans this season.
This series will start on Monday, December 1 and run through next Friday, December 5, 2014.

Here’s the schedule:
Monday: Jordan of resliced by Jordan
  • Jordan is a full-time data nerd with a fierce passion for making things by hand. She owns a small handmade business (resliced) where she focus on upcycling to create one-of-a-kind jewelry and purses.
    • Her favorite crafts include: sewing, jewelry making, calligraphy and just about anything else!
Tuesday: MaryAnn of Life is a Maker Faire
  • MaryAnn spends her days training teachers to better utilize technology in the classroom. To escape the Monday-Friday grind, MaryAnn makes cards and other paper goods for her handmade business, M.A.S.W. Designs. Read more about MaryAnn here.
    • MaryAnn’s favorite crafts include: Anything paper – cards, treat bags, banners, etc; Sewing; Baking- cookies, cakes, or any sweets.
Wednesday: Rachel of Sew Happily Ever After
  • Rachel spends her days chasing children around the classroom as an elementary teacher and her evenings chasing her adorable toddler around (and she’s got another little one on the way!). From making you a custom t-shirt quilt to sewing up some seriously impressive clothing – you name it, Rachel can sew it! Read more about Rachel here.
    • Rachel’s favorite crafts include: sewing garments (womens & girls), home decor sewing, and quilting – anything with fabric and thread! Rachel also enjoys photography and cooking.
Thursday: Addie of Addie K.
  • From a wedding dress to a 20 foot boat cover, Addie has been there and sewed that! Addie has been sewing for more than 20 years and has spent the last half of those teaching others to sew. In addition, Addie is also a talented pattern designer. Read more about Addie here.
    • Addie’s favorite crafts include: sewing clothing, quilting, embroidery, kid-friendly crafts and upcycling / finding creative ways to reuse things.
Friday: Shanika of Life is Pichey AND Emily of Butterfly Vintage
  • We’ll end the week with a BANG – one day, two bloggers posting their favorite DIYs!
  • Shanika loves to craft so much that she founded Gather & Craft as a way to encourage members of the community to come together and create (gather and craft). Recently, Shanika started offering her handmade goods to the public through her new shop, Sebastian Harper. Read more about Shanika here.
    • Shanika’s favorite crafts include: anything fiber related, sewing (hand and machine), knitting, crocheting, natural dyeing.
  • Emily is a former art teacher turned vintage fashion expert { One of my favorite sources for amazing vintage pieces! Browse her shop on Etsy}. Emily is also a graphic designer with Sandra Mack Studio. Read more about Emily here.
    • Emily’s favorite crafts include: painting, repurposing, minimal sewing, paper crafts, garlands and anything that incorporates vintage material


Gather and Craft: Modern Calligraphy Recap

This past Monday we hosted our last Modern Calligraphy class (for the year) at Nest. It's been great to see how the classes and word of kith has grown. We had one student come from two hours away! A few others found us via Google (yay! we're Google-able)!   Kaitlyn and Shannon are always so helpful with having the tables and chairs set up. They even let us use some wrapping paper for the table which helped make it more festive. 

I asked Jodi, a former calligraphy student, if she would be willing to make some yummy treats for the class. Not only did she say yes but she went all out by making five (very good) treats for the class to try.  Also, she labeled and packaged some of the treats (with her awesome calligraphy skills) to show the students how calligraphy can add that extra zing to an item. 

Those Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies...*insert Homer Simpson drool*

Gingerbread Caramels. You need them in your life. 

Paulene has been learning to make intricate flowers from paper. Perhaps a new class in the making...

Class has begun. 

This Mother/Daughter duo were so funny. Their repertoire went from encouragement, to mocking, to (friendly) competition. 

Champagne and fruit? Why not?!

Free handing!

When in doubt, draw a lion. 

Fun with gold! 

Ready to be framed. 

Gold + Red = Winning Combination. 

Happy mess!

#marycatherine #superstar
 Pumpjin Soirée

Things not pictured: The excitement, laughter, comraderie (two high school friends got to reconnect who hadn't seen each other in years) , me freaking everyone out by talking about American Horror Story and other scary shows and movies.  

My goal with the classes has been to showcase the local talent in Columbia and meet some great people along the way. I have more than exceeded my goal and I couldn't be happier. I'm still working on ways to make it grow but I'm more than happy with the progression. 

If you want in on the fun, be sure to check out the other classes being held:


Upcoming Gather and Craft Classes

Modern Calligraphy for Beginners

Monday, November 10th



1450 Main Street

Cost: $123.99(includes PayPal fee)

If you've always wanted to learn calligraphy, never picked up a calligraphy pen before, and don't know where to begin, this modern calligraphy beginner class is for you! We'll go over the tools you'll use, how to write with the pointed pen, and learn how to create the thick/thin strokes that everyone loves with calligraphy!

Each student will receive:

  • 1 straight pen holder
  •  2 nibs 
  •  a pot of black ink
  • Instructional Alphabet 
  • Tracing paper and practice sheets
  • A resource guide of additional tips, supplies and websites to advance your new calligraphy skills


Since the holidays are quickly approaching, we will focus on showing you how to create cards and prints for the season - perfect for gifts and holiday parties!

You'll also enjoy some tasty treats and drinks while you learn!


Photography Tips and Tricks

Sunday, November 16th


Silver Spoon Bake Shop

2506 Devine Street

Cost: $52.24 (includes PayPal fees)

For this class you will need a point and shoot or DSLR. 

 In this class you will learn:

  • Basic strategies on setting up photos
  • Basic composition tricks
  • Low light settings (tips and tricks)
  • Details on lens and features your camera has and what each they are used for. 
  • MACRO settings 
  • People settings (Gotta make sure they look good!)
  • Visual layouts
  • Tablescape settings (How to make it Pinterest worthy!)  

What better photography subject than a beautiful cake baked to perfection by Erin of the Silver Spoon Bake Shop? After the students have mastered the art (and restraint!) of photographing fresh baked cake, we'll celebrate by slicing it up for everyone to enjoy!


Pumpkin Soirée 

State Farmers Market 

Cost $62.49 (includes PayPal fee) 

Join local foodie legend Dupre Percival & Izzabee's Confectionaries baker Nicole Storey for a festive Fall night of everything pumpkin, just in time to wow your Thanksgiving guests! Dupre will show you how to roast, prepare & puree your pumpkin and Nicole will show you how to bake the perfect pumpkin cupcake, in addition to teaching various piping techniques for you to feast your eyes on!

Class includes:

  • A vast knowledge of all things pumpkin!
  • 4-6 cupcakes (you do the decorating!)
  • Tips, couplers, and bags for you to take home
  • Plus a bonus treat!

Let's give "Pumpkin Season" the proper send-off!

  • Class maximum is 10
  • No refunds


New Top/Jacket

I was suppose to have this post up about week or two ago but I was trying to get better pictures of the top. I am going to try to start taking more photos of the items I make. Correction, I am going to try to take more photos WEARING the items I make. I just hate the way I look in photos. I instantly start to think "Ugh, I look ugly, fat, *insert insult*" So, I guess it's going to be a journey of several layers, taking more photos of what I'm wearing and having more self-confidence. Anyways, I'm sure you didn't come here to read about my neurosis. Or, maybe you did. Things get pretty random around here. 

I love finding unique, vintage fabric to create an item. To me, that makes the item really unique. Granted, the items itself will be unique since I made it but using vintage fabric takes it to another level for me. Now I don't use only vintage fabric but when I come across a pattern I really like, I can't pass it up. I've talked about it on this blog before how I try to buy my items locally or second hand (as much as possible). Over the past year I have met some great, local, vintage vendors who have a great eye for finding amazing pieces. One of my favorites, Butterfly Vintage, had a few yards of a print I really liked. 

First, I planned to make a simple top but I really wanted a kimono. Once I started to execute the item I realized I  didn't have enough for the kimono (I had one yard. I think 1 1/2 yards would have done the trick) so I did what I do best, improvise. 

(Shorts in October. It's the South, yall!)

I wore it out to an event at our local Urban Outfitters. Emily, and a few other local vendors, had set up shop in the store for the night. 
Emily rocking a cat top. 

I had Jordan take a few photos for me outside. There were plenty more but like I said, gotta build that self-confidence. 

View from the back. 

Notice the different brick walls? I had my husband take more photos the next day. Still wasn't happy but we know how that song goes.

This was made from a template I had created for another top and like mentioned above, I improvised. 

Of course, I love this top! I can easily dress it up or down. But what I love the most about it is that it is completely one of a kind piece you won't see anywhere else. 


My New Favorite Pants! Until I Make Another Pair

Like most crafters, we like to hoard our stash before we feel we find the "perfect project" to use it on. Over the summer I found some tribal printed fabric at a crazy discounted price and snatched up two yards. At first, I had planned to make a dress for the summer (and beyond. This is the South) but then I came across a pattern for pants and knew I would most likely wear them more as pant than a skirt.

The pattern I used was Simplicity 1428:

I rarely follow the instructions to a pattern because for some reason my brain just can't comprehend. My brain is motion visual (if that's even a thing). Meaning, in order for me to comprehend I have to see someone do it then attempt it myself. Also, I noticed a lot of Simplicity patterns aren't the most detailed (I've read that on several other blogs as well). I only tried to follow the instructions because this was my first time inserting pockets. Seems intimidating but after one video on YouTube it was very easy. Sewing the rest of the pants was easy (to me) because I have made several shorts and its basically the same construction.

I wore them last night the State Fair's Preview Gala. This year, I am working with Palmetto Health Foundation as a Pinkador. You can find more information on that on my post for FIG.

I cut them a bit bigger, I could take them in a few inches (and I may) but right now I'm liking the MC Hammer style.

As mentioned in the title, these are my new favorite pants. The only issue I had was they fabric was too light and very stretchy. Now I know why a lot of sewers aren't fan of knit stretch. One trick I read was to place a thin sheet of paper underneath the fabric while sewing to help keep it stabilized.

Now to get more fabric!


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