Recipe: Hojaldre (Panamanian Fried Bread)

My mom would make this for breakfast when we were younger. The ingredients consists of items one usually has in stock. I only make this a few times a year  because it's not easy on the waist line (and Summer is Coming - a play off my new obsession, Game of Thrones). 

2 cups flour
1 cup warm water
1 tbsp sugar (I use brown sugar, but any sugar will do)
1 tsp baking powder
Olive oil for coating
Oil for frying (whatever you prefer to use)

First, I add the water then baking powder. Next is the sugar. Gradually add the flour and mix the ingredients together until a ball starts to form (you may have to add more flour). 

Once a ball is created, lightly coat it in olive oil. Place the ball in a closed container and set it aside for 30 minutes (or prepare the night before). 

Once the frying pan is thoroughly heated (med-high) rip off a piece of dough, form it into a ball, then flatten it with a pin, about 1/4 -1/2 inch thick (depends on how crispy or fluffy you want it to be). 

Add it to the frying pan and let it cook for about a minute on each side. Some parts of the dough may rise and form big bubbles, completely normal (I used to love to watch the bubbles form). 

You can top it with whatever you like. When I was younger I would just add butter. My sons like it with powder sugar. 


You Can Haz Cheezburger and Grumpy Cat Won't Care

Let's talk spirit animals. I recently found mine and it comes in the form of a cat. A Grumpy Cat to be exact. Grumpy Cat (who is actually a girl name Tardar Sauce) always seems to know what I'm thinking.

Millions of people have grown to love Grumpy Cat and other famous online cats which is why Harbison Theatre at Midlands Technical College is collaborating with local performers to present You Can Haz Cheezburger: The Art of Online Cat Videos on March 21, 2014 at 7:30 p.m.

Tickets are still on sale but are going quick (people love their cats). You can go to their site to purchase them for only $10. http://www.harbisontheatre.org/

Have a crazy cat? Want the world to know? Submit a video and it may used during the show. 

Follow along with her crazy cat frenzy with hashtag #YouCanHazCheezburger

I'll be there and will be wearing an item that is an homage to my spirit animal. 

There's no way I could resist crocheting a hat of Grmpy Cat. It's business in the front, grumpy in the back. 

One more thing, I must give love to the first grumpy cat in my life. 


Handmade in SC: Jellykoe

It was a joy hanging out with Jellykoe, (Columbia own's independent toy company). As soon as you enter their space, you are greeted by Wonky Dolls and surrounded with colorful art and an expansive personal toy collection. By the end of our conversation I was ready to head to the nearest store and browse the toy section (which Joe still loves to do). We grow up too quick. 


They started in 2009 when Kelly made some stuffed animals for Joe's nieces. 
Joe encouraged Kelly to make more but to have a niche. Instead of just making stuffed animals for children they decided to create characters and market them towards toy collectors. Wonky Dolls were created. Each Wonky Doll has a backstory, specific features, and this creates a personal connection with the collector. Jellykoe now has a loyal fan base whom have collected each character from each series and special editions (which usually come out during holidays). 

This is Split Hare (First Series on the right, Second series on the left). With each series they make character changes. Split Hare is now more colorful, has embroided eyes and is literally split. Their is no gender specification with the Wonky Dolls. 


Joe started bringing along his artwork to the craft shows. He describes his work as "pop surrealism low brow art" which tends to be happy (feeling). He uses the "spoon full of sugar" approach. Make the artwork bright and happy and the art looks more harmless. His works of art have been submitted and accepted into several art exhibits over the country as well as overseas. He's even gained a fan on a more "permanent" base. Yes, I'm talking tattoos. 

Joe is always sketching out new characters and ideas (if he doesn't do it right away, he loses the idea). He worries about the day the well will run dry. I highly doubt it. 

Another skill Jellykoe has inherited over the years is manuevering craft shows. Their first show was a small craft show in Myrtle Beach Kelly's mother told her about. Now, they average 44 shows a year. To some this may seem daunting but when you are able to make a living doing what you love plus allowing you to see the country, it's all fun. 

I asked them what they would suggest to someone getting into the craft shows and their biggest tip was to get a strong network. Help other artists, pay it forward, create a strong community, ask questions, talk money.  Yes, it seems taboo to talk money but you have to remember this is a business. Money has to be made. 

What's next for Jellykoe? They have a new series coming out April 3rd. Here's a little peek:

Later future? Distribution, a bigger studio, getting their work into more shops and bigger chains, comics...the well runs deep. 

To see more of the Wonky Dolls, artwork as well as other fun apparel 
and characters (can we say "Debbles?") Go to their site www.jellykoe.com.


Book Reviews

Starstruck and Infamous by Lauren Conrad
I just wanted to finish this trilogy. I think I mentioned it in my other review of her books but I mostly enjoyed reading them just to see which parts may have been real. It also nice to get a behind the scenes glance of what really happens on "reality" TV.

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher
This book touched me. I continued to think about it after I was finished reading it. I went back to read certain parts that really stuck out to me. Since I have Depression and have had the suicidal thoughts I can see Hannah's point of view and why she killed herself. But I can also see how she didn't try her hardest to get help and how she should have taken more blame for situations in her life which led to her taken her life. By the way, I'm not giving e away. You start the book knowing Hannah has committed suicide. Hannah's stories are told from tapes she recorded in advance. Have you read it? I want to discuss and analyze this book someone. 

This One Is Mine by Maria Semple

I first read Where'd You go Bernadette because I kept seeing it pop up on Instagram and Twitter. I need Maria Semple to write another book. Like yesterday. She writes great characters and i am sure it is due to her screenwriting background. 

Divergent by Veronica Roth
I had a really hard time getting into this book at first. It didn't suck me in like TheHunger  Games did. I know it is not fair to compare each Young Adult Dystopian book to The Hunger Hames but oh, well. The Hunger Games trilogy was amazing. Divergent started slow for me then got really good. Then it got sort of slow again and picked back up. Kind of like a roller coaster or, Ferris wheel, perhaps (if you read the book you'll get it). I look forward to seeing the movie. I think this will be another Twilight situation in which I enjoy the movies more than the books. I have not read the rest of the books yet so hopefully they get better.

Drinking and Dating by Brandi Glanville 
If I am going to read non-fiction or a biography, this is going to be it. I want gossip, I want behind the scenes, I want the real deal. I enjoyed her first book  more than this one. But it was fun trying to figure out whoshefoolin was talking about. What I didn't enjoy with both books is she dropped the F-Bomb So. Many. Times. I myself have been known to use the word here and there (and everywhere) but it was used too much in the books. I don't know what she'll write about yet. Hopefully she will tell us the real deal about what is going on while filing RHOBH but it will most likely be once the show is cancelled or she gets canned. 

I have two other books lined up but I'm awlays up for more suggestions. Tell me, what are you reading? 


Ethical Fashion

Before you go ahead a make judgement, This post is not about whether or not you wear fur, leather, etc.

It's about being more conscious in how or where you spend your money (in the fashion sense). This year I decided I was going to be wiser with spending my money. I prefer to spend my money with someone whom I can make a personal connection with. Or, of o can make it myself, I do it. I saw these guidelines over at Pip Lincolne's blog and I wanted to share it with you.

Think you can do it? You don't have to commit 100%. It's more about really knowing where your money is being spent and who it is supporting. 


Silence Your Inner Sabouteur

Yesterday I started a project on my sewing machine and from the beginning nothing was going right. I had to keep re-ripping the seams, picking out thread pieces, and re-cutting the fabric. Plus I broke two needles. At that point, I stepped away from the project and started cutting pieces for a quilt I'm making.

At first I took my loss and didn't think anything of it. "Just move on to the next project." is what I was telling myself but slowly my subconscious started to creep up on me. And it brought all my negative thoughts with it. I'm basically self-taught with everything I know (in the Makers sense)  and sometimes it can be intimidating/self-doubting. I didn't take any classes or go to school; DVDs from the library and google have been my teachers. 

So as the negative thoughts started to creep up, I became more numb. There was a moment after my husband got home and the boys were playing with him I was alone sitting on the couch and started having a battle in my head. I knew the negative thoughts were coming but I was trying my hardest to not let them take over. It was exhausting. I tried to keep my mind distracted with other activities: making dinner, finishing the end of a book (trying to finish), watching some mindless television. But once the boys were down and I was alone on the couch, I leaned over and fell asleep (and missed Survivor). 

Today I'm feeling a little better. Still bummed my project didn't work out and I lost two f$&@ing needles but I am moving on. The perk of having several projects on hand is I can always move on to another one. 

*The title and images I used were taken from my Pinterest page


Say Yes Then Figure it out Later (Alt Title: My first time making a corset)

Most of the skills I have developed over the years come from someone requesting somehing from me and I tell them it can be done.  Knit a sweater? Yes. Make a quilt? Of course. Need a corset in less than *24 hours? You got it!

This corset wasn't too dificult to make. I just looked at a picture of a few and just winged it. I used one yard of fabric, REALLY thick interfacing, two yards of lace trim, grommets, and ribbon.

I got a new sewing machine about a month ago and I absolutely love it.  I will have to write a separate post on it. My older one could not have been able to handle this project so smoothly.

*I can't give Jernell too much of a hard time. She did tell me about a week in advance she needed a corset made but for some reason I thought the event was in March. So here we are on a Friday night at Jo-Ann gettting materials (perfect date night for me). The following night I met her in the parking lot, laced her up, and sent her on her merry way. Couple of days later she told me she had some soreness from the corset. My job was done.


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